Turtle Island Honeymoon, Underwater Portrait Session | Fiji

Micki & Erik had a dream wedding with just their closest of closest friends and family cruising the Mamanucas on the Bel Marè yacht.  After a wedding like that, how could they top it for their honeymoon?  To continue their Fiji adventure, they opted to fly us up for the day for their Turtle Island Honeymoon Underwater Portrait Session!  Turtle Island has their own airline so that morning we hopped on a seaplane to head up to meet Micki & Erik!  If you have the opportunity to travel by seaplane, we highly recommend it!  The views are spectacular and to land and take off from the water is such a thrilling experience!

Upon arriving at the resort, the GM Alex offered to take us out on his boat so we could get some beautiful photos on a deserted little beach before jumping in the water!  Micki & Erik are the coolest of cool so getting to spend another day with them in Fiji was such a treat!  They are two of the most down to earth, kind, loving, genuine FUN people you’ll ever meet and we are honoured to call them dear friends now!

They were up for anything and just wanted to enjoy their time and soak up the experience!  We spent the day playing on the beach, diving off of the boat into the water, stand-up paddle boarding, and swimming around all while wearing their wedding clothes!

Thank you Micki & Erik for allowing us to have yet another amazing day with you!  We hope you had as much fun as we did and that you love the photos!


Turtle Island Honeymoon Underwater Portrait Session Photos

fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0001fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0002fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0003fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0004fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0005fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0006fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0007fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0008fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0009fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0010fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0011fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0012fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0013fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0014fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0015fiji-underwater-portrait-session_0016Turtle Island Honeymoon Underwater Portrait Sessionfiji-underwater-portrait-session_0018


To view photos from the beautiful Fiji Yacht Wedding go HERE.  And if you’d like to see their Fiji highlands engagement session, you can view that HERE.

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