Top 5 Fiji Elopement Locations

More couples than ever are choosing to elope in lieu of a big wedding, so we are sharing our Top 5 Fiji Elopement Locations.

Top 5 Fiji Elopement Locations

The Big Day doesn’t have to be so big after all.  Imagine as you read this, ripping up your guest list.  You know longer have to play host to a huge party on the most significant day of your lives.  Instead imagine starting your new life together, with just the two of you in paradise.  So without further delay, and in no special order, here are our top 5 Fiji elopement locations.

Royal Davui the perfect Location to Elope

Royal Davui Island is nothing short of dreamscape pulled from our deep subconscious of what an island resort could be.  The shape of the island is like a droplet floating on the surface tension of a clear glass of water.  Steep black rocks are covered in rich jungle foliage where fresh Tradewinds and birds sing effortlessly through the branches.

Royal Davui FIji Elopement Locations

From your Villa, it is just a short walk to the south end of the island where a smiling Fijian celebrant will marry you.  A village choir from the neighboring island serenades as you breath each other in for the first time as newlyweds.  As a photographer, I get goosebumps every time at this location.  There is something magical about the combination of sounds at Royal Davui.  Ocean breeze, birds, surf, angelic Fijian hymns mixed with love’s greatest commitment.

Fiji Elopement Locations

Just a 10-minute boat ride away from the island is the iconic sand cay of Royal Davui.  There may be no place on the planet quite like it.  Its one of those places where a picture says I million words or one sentence repeated over and over.  “ I have to go there!”  Wither or not you choose the adult only, Royal Davui as your destination for your elopement, you should seriously

Fiji Elopement Locations Royal Davui Sand Bar

Consider honeymooning or an anniversary trip there.  You can thank us later! ; )

Fiji Elopement Locations Royal Davui Sand Bar Drone & Underwater



Known as the garden isle of Fiji, Taveuni holds up to its name and boasts some of the worlds most breathtaking waterfalls and reefs.  Of the many hotels on the island, Taveuni Island resort stands above them all.  Cliff perched villas gaze over finely manicured grass lawns.  There is an infinity pool effect as the grass rolls downhill and merges seamlessly with south pacific ocean.  It’s a visual phenomenon that makes you feel like you are floating with every step.

Fiji Elopement Locations Taveuni

A must do while in Taveuni is the Lavena beach trail and the team at Taveuni Island resort make it so special.  Once finished, your guide will lay out your lunch there in the middle of the jungle!  There’s something satisfyingly indulgent about a gourmet picnic lunch after a hike.   Anywhere else you would be eating a hot energy bar from your backpack!  If you are considering Taveuni as your final destination, look no further than Taveuni Island resort.  And yes, there venue options for your elopement are one of a kind.

Here are a hand full of other resorts not on Taveuni, but offer day trips to all the adventures there.  Resorts like Qamea Island resort, Remote Resort, and the 7-star Laucala Island resort.  I’ll include a map to show you where these resorts are in relation to the must-see attractions.  All of these spots are excellent elopement locations in Fiji.


Paradise Cove – Yasawa Islands

 Paradise Cove Fiji

Paradise Cove is one of the newer resorts in the Yasawa islands chain and proven itself a top elopement destination.    Because Paradise Cove is a family resort the main pool and restaurant can be a bit like summer camp.  Children doing cannon balls and yelling Marco polo back and forth can be a bit unsettling for the kidless traveler.

Fiji Elopement Locations Paradise Cove ResortParadise Cove Adults Pool

Not to fear, Paradise Cove boasts its own adult pool and lounge area toward the center of the property as well as private villas.  The Villas are separated from the main resort by a half mile channel so your room is on a different island!  If you are after an adult only experience for your elopement don’t skip over Paradise Cove as their newly renovated rooms and outdoor showers will have you laughing with glee like a kid doing cannon balls!

Fiji Elopement Locations Paradise Cove Honeymoon Villas


Elope on Tavarua Island Resort

Tavarua Island Wedding

Tavarua Island resort is nothing short of dreamscape.  This all-inclusive resort caters specifically to surfers and their families but you don’t have to be a surfer to love it!  The island has regular groups which book out the entire island so bookings can be scarce for large groups.  If you are, however, considering to elope and only traveling as a party of two then we would highly recommend Tavarua Island.

Tavarua Island Villa

Tavarua’s newly added Private villa is the perfect modern oasis complete with a private chef and activity guide.  Guests who don’t book the villa enjoy gourmet buffet-style dining in the main restaurant equipped with a full bar and the best view in Fiji.

Fiji Elopement Locations Tavarua Island First Look Fiji Elopement Locations Tavarua Island Paths

The vibe at Tavarua is healthy and active as guests are constantly engaging in activities like surfing, stand up paddle boarding, snorkeling, kiteboarding, foiling, etc.  If you are an active lifestyle person, Tavarua could be the perfect fit for your Fiji Elopement.    

Fiji Elopement Locations Tavarua Island Sunset

Let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want to get married on the beautiful heart-shaped island?

Tavarua Heart-Shaped Island

Elope on a Random Dirt Road

Random dirt road wedding shoot

We love taking our couples off resort when shooting a wedding or elopement.  Fiji is covered in gorgeous landscapes that can serve as a natural venue for your elopement.  For the right couple, a simple highland backdrop or a grassy hill overlooking the Pacific Ocean is all that’s needed.  We work with couples and help with details like finding a hair and makeup artist, flowers, celebrant and other needed details.  We have even seen a growth in elopements where the legal wedding has already taken place back home, and Fiji serves as a great backdrop to intimately exchange vows.  If this is something that speaks to you, we would be happy to share our favorite elopement Locations in Fiji.       

      FIji Elopement Random hilltop


There are so many amazing locations in Fiji to say I-Do, these are just at the top of the list of places we love to capture your special moments.

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