Amanda & Bryan said I-do at a private estate in Maui Bay on the Coral Coast. The very next day, we picked them up by boat from the Marriott at Momi Bay and brought them out to the reef for their Underwater Portrait Session. We jumped right into the shallows over some beautiful pure white […]

There is something magical at every Tavarua Island Resort Wedding.  The island is surrounded by a horseshoe reef which attracts traveling surfers from around the world.  On this day, however, the focus was not on the waves, but on the young couple with a very unique story to tell. Taylor has a twin brother, an […]

More couples than ever are choosing to elope in lieu of a big wedding, so we are sharing our Top 5 Fiji Elopement Locations. Top 5 Fiji Elopement Locations The Big Day doesn’t have to be so big after all.  Imagine as you read this, ripping up your guest list.  You know longer have to […]

The winds picked up midday on the day of our Fiji Honeymoon Photoshoot with Steve and Wendy.  Sometimes that can make it a bumpy boat ride to get to our shoot location.  We had plenty of time so we just took it slow and enjoyed the beautiful day!  The wind direction(s) were swirling but we […]

Fiji Honeymoon Underwater Photoshoot We moved to Fiji from Hawaii in July 201o.  As water photographers, we didn’t think ocean clarity could get much better than what we knew in Hawaii.  Oh, how wrong we were!  Now nearly 8 years later we are still blown away by the underwater world here.  Fiji is also at […]






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