Phuong & Andrew | Underwater Portrait Session, Fiji Wedding Photography

This session was a long time coming, and didn’t disappoint!  Phuong contacted us way back in 2013  when they first got engaged!  So after emails back and forth from 2013-2015 it felt like we were old friends when we got together at the dock!

A little bit about Phuong & Andrew and our session together from their perspective:


Tell us the story of how you met:

We met while in our first Biology for Biology majors class in college. Our common interest of spending time outdoors and our passion for science brought us together and dubbed ourselves a new nickname, “Mr. and Mrs. Biology” since we grew even closer in college and graduated together in Spring 2009. We especially loved our classes that focused on Ecology, the ocean, and Ichthylogy (the study of fish). Shortly after graduating, we made annual trips to Hawaii and other tropical places and continued to love the Island Lifestyle. We both got SCUBA certified in Kauai in 2011 and Andrew proposed to Phuong underwater by 2 large sea turtles in Hanauma Bay on Oahu with a ring from Na Hoku. We try to be on islands for all significant events, for instance when Phuong turned 30 years old we were exploring the Blue Corner dive site in Palau. We got married underwater in Taveuni after 10 wonderful, adventurous years together!


Underwater Portrait Session_0001 Underwater Portrait Session_0002 Underwater Portrait Session_0003 Underwater Portrait Session_0004

When we searched “fiji wedding underwater” we saw Malia and Stu’s work immediately and it was all so stunning and beautiful and adventurous! We knew they could capture our love for one another and the ocean with their photos and we didnt hesitate to book with them super early! These two take the most breathtaking photos. True artists.

Underwater Portrait Session_0005 Underwater Portrait Session_0006

We are both not the strongest swimmers (especially Phuong), since we are so used to being in the ocean with our snorkeling and/or diving gear. So being dependent on those things may have actually made us weaker in the water. We are definately comfortable being in the water, just not the strongest swimmer in general.

Underwater Portrait Session_0007

“The first plunge & the Kiss on the surfboard (& the headbutt kiss LOL)”   -Andrew
“My most memorable part too was the first plunge. I remember thinking how cold I was the previous week in Taveuni in the water and I was scared I was going to freeze to death. But after we looked at each other, counted to three, and plunged in… it was a complete pause in time. I felt so FREE and at home submerged in the water holding Andrew’s hand. It felt like a swimming pool, it was warm! The other moment that was very memorable was when I first saw Andrew reaching towards me underwater. I felt so connected to him and the ocean” -Phuong

Underwater Portrait Session_0008 Underwater Portrait Session_0009

It was windy our day, so be prepared for all kinds of conditions! The curls blew right out of my hair. Also, coming from the United States, you CAN BRING YOUR DRESS ON WITH YOU on all flights and it doesn’t count as a carry-on or personal item. I had to be a little persistent at times, but my dress never left my side. Even during the flight on the Twin Otter where there was no room for much else, I had the dress with me.

Underwater Portrait Session_0010

The dress ended up fine! I soaked it in fresh water in the hotel bathtub and it seems to be almost new!

Underwater Portrait Session_0011 Underwater Portrait Session_0012 Underwater Portrait Session_0013

We had so much fun. Stu and Malia are so good at what they do and are a blast to be around! They are so romantic as a couple themselves its an inspiration to us all! We will definitely see them in a few years to do another underwater dress session with them.
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