Fiji Underwater Trash the Dress: Alex & Alex | By Lia & Stu

Alex & Alex wanted to make sure they took home epic photos from their destination wedding. So they decided to do a Fiji Underwater Trash the Dress session with us. These two can dive DEEP, so we had such an incredible session with them!

Alex’s dress was gorgeous. However, it was also a little bit restrictive and it wasn’t flowing how we wanted it to.  She was all for doing whatever it took to remedy the situation to make the photos even better!  We decided it would be best to cut a slit in the skirt of her wedding dress.  We didn’t have a knife on board and the sharpest thing we could find was a broken piece of a mirror.  While Alex and Alex rested, hanging on to the surfboard we have in the water, Lia took that mirror and worked some magic on Alex’s dress and created a new slit.  It was just the fix we needed!

Fiji Underwater Trash the Dress Gallery

Epic Fiji Underwater Trash the Dress

Alex and Alex were staying out at Mana Island Resort.  So we picked them up on the boat and went out around the island and were able to find some beautiful clear water!

Epic Fiji Underwater Portrait Session

Alex does some freediving and spear fishing in his free time (but didn’t mention it to us until after his first deep dive).  So when we asked him to dive down as deep as he felt comfortable, he surprised us!  We were in shock that he went so deep.  What shocked us even more, was that Alex was also able to dive down pretty deep herself and reached him!  We were so impressed and had such a great time together!

Fiji Ocean Underwater Portrait Session

Post Session Selfie

From the looks onn all our faces, I think it’s safe to say we all had a great time!

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