Fiji Underwater Portrait Session | Honeymoon Session

We are always so excited when we book a Fiji underwater portrait session!  They are one of our favourite things to do!  Ooi contacted us early on in her planning because she knew it was something they really wanted to do while in Fiji so we were looking forward to their session for a long time!  They wanted to get some dry land photos on a sand bar before jumping in the water so that’s where we headed out to first!

A few days prior to their session, Ooi emailed us to let us know that while Quah was a confident swimmer, she was not and would like to shoot in the water where she could still touch the bottom.  We always make safety the top priority so we made sure to go to a spot with calm water where we could touch the bottom.  Ooi is a great example to those who aren’t super confident in the water but still want to get beautiful underwater photos!

Ooi wanted to get the most out of their session so she asked early on for some tips on the dress she would be wearing.  She opted to bring out a different dress from her wedding day.  This one was nice and light and flowy, and also had straps!  Straps on a dress in the water is a huge bonus!


Fiji Sandbar Photos

Fiji Honeymoon sandbar Portrait Bride & Groom Fiji Honeymoon Portrait Bride & Groom detailsFiji Honeymoon Portrait Bride & Groom embraceFiji Honeymoon PortraitsFiji Honeymoon Portrait


Fiji Underwater Portrait Session Photos

Fiji Underwater Portrait Session above water

Ooi was so calm and peaceful underwater.  So even though she wasn’t a strong swimmer, she looked so graceful in their portraits!  Here she is just getting used to being in the ocean in a dress.

Fiji Underwater Portrait SessionFiji Underwater Portrait SessionFiji Underwater Portrait Session Bride & GroomFiji Underwater Portrait Session Bride & Groom holding handsFiji Underwater Portrait Session Bride & Groom swimming

Once we finished in the shallow water, we swam these two back to the boat on a paddle board over the reef!

Fiji Underwater Portrait Session Bride & Groom

Quah wanted to make sure he got a few photos in the deeper water!

Fiji Underwater Portrait Session Groom swimming


Ooi & Quah did such a great job and looked amazing in and out of the water!


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