Fiji Solo Underwater Portrait Session | Dijana

So you want to get some amazing underwater photos of yourself? You don’t have to do it as a couple, Dijana booked a Fiji Solo Underwater Session while she was here on holiday, and the results were stunning!

Dijana is not new to underwater portrait sessions, but this one was different because it was her first time doing an underwater portrait session in the ocean.  She’s done many before, but they were all in a pool or cenote!

Fiji Solo Underwater Session Photos

Fiji Solo Underwater Portrait Session

The wind made the water a little bit choppy, but you would never know from the photos!  Dijana looked amazing and was so graceful in the water!  After our first stop in the white sand, we had assessed that even though she wasn’t familiar with the surf or waves, she was a strong enough swimmer and she felt comfortable and confident enough in the water that we took her under some waves.

Portrait Session under the waves

Ocean Underwater Portrait Session

After some fun in the surf, she changed dresses and we changed locations.  We went to a little secret spot to hide from the wind and enjoy the calm water.

Fiji Underwater Portrait Session

Solo Fiji Underwater Portrait Session

Although most of our sessions are with a couple, a solo underwater session is just as fun!  If you’re coming out to Fiji on holiday, it’s the perfect opportunity to jump in the water, have a memorable experience, and have some incredible photos to share with your friends and family from your trip!

Not totally convinced yet?  Check out THIS Blog Post giving you our Top 5 Reasons to do an underwater shoot!  It’s referring to doing it on your honeymoon but all the same reason apply here too!

What gear we’re using:

Sony A7iii

Sony 12-24

Aquatech water housing

*For some BTS footage we used the Canon 6DMii and Canon 16-35 lens inside of an Outex pro kit housing.

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