Fiji Honeymoon Photoshoot | Underwater Trash The Dress | Steve & Wendy

The winds picked up midday on the day of our Fiji Honeymoon Photoshoot with Steve and Wendy.  Sometimes that can make it a bumpy boat ride to get to our shoot location.  We had plenty of time so we just took it slow and enjoyed the beautiful day!  The wind direction(s) were swirling but we found a perfect little corner of the ocean to jump into the water!  It was perfectly calm and glassy, and crystal clear!

Steve & Wendy were great in the water!  We ran right through everything quickly because they just kept getting it right 🙂  People often ask us how long the session will be, and our answer is always the same: it depends.  There are a lot of factors that determine how long a session will take.  There are different locations that we can go to so that may add time, if a couple is great in the water, we can zoom right through with fewer takes, if people want to take more breaks and rest for longer in between shots that can add time as well.  Or a couple can be so good that we just want to keep shooting and trying new things!  It all depends 🙂  That may not be the answer you want to hear, but it’s the truth!

Wendy chose THE Perfect dress for their Fiji Honeymoon Photoshoot!  Steve had sent our dress tips along to Wendy, but had no idea what she would decide on until their wedding day.  Wendy’s dress had straps: helps to keep the dress from sliding down and revealing too much.  It was lightweight: makes it easier to move around and swim in.  And the fabric was soft and flow-y: which means it will drift beautifully in the water!  It’s like her dress was made specifically for this shoot!


Fiji Honeymoon Photoshoot:

Fiji Honeymoon PhotoshootFiji Honeymoon Photoshoot UnderwaterFiji Honeymoon Photoshoot Underwater Bride & GroomFiji Honeymoon Photoshoot Underwater Trash The DressFiji Honeymoon Underwater Trash The Dress


Gear used for this shoot:

Canon 6D Mark ii 

Canon EF 16-35mm Lens

Outex Pro Kit water housing


If you have any questions about our water housing setup or how we get any shots, don’t hesitate to ask!  Leave us a comment or drop us an email!



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