Amanda & Bryan | Fiji Underwater Portrait Session

Amanda & Bryan said I-do at a private estate in Maui Bay on the Coral Coast. The very next day, we picked them up by boat from the Marriott at Momi Bay and brought them out to the reef for their Underwater Portrait Session.

wedding jump

We jumped right into the shallows over some beautiful pure white sand and quickly drifted out into some deeper water. It takes some getting used to to be able to swim in something other than a swimsuit. However, both Bryan and Amanda did such an incredible job! They started out their underwater portrait session by getting a feel for things their first few dives. Then it all clicked and they relaxed into some really gorgeous photos!

Fiji Underwater Trash The dress

Early morning, midday, or late afternoon, these underwater sessions can be done at any time of day. The look and feel of a session will vary with the time, but we love to get out in the late afternoon to get a softer feel.

Fiji Trash the Dress
underwater portrait session

Sometimes it’s the in between moments that really catch my eye. This is one of those moments. For that reason, I’ll shoot even in the moments leading up to a dive. And it might just become one of my favorite images from a session.

in between moments underwater portrait session

Gear used in this Underwater Portrait Session

Listed below is the gear used to achieve these photos:

Camera Body: SONY a7R III

Lens: Canon 15mm Fisheye

Lens adapter: Sigma MC-11 Lens Mount Converter (so we can use our Canon glass on our Sony camera body).

Memory Card: SanDisk 64GB SD card

Water Housing: AquaTech Elite II for A7III series, Dome Port, Extender

Fins: Dafin Swim Fins

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